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Why You Need To Buy Pasture Raised Eggs & Chicken – Bobby On The Farm

This city slicker took a 1 hour ride outside Chicago to visit a pasture raised chicken and egg farm. It’s one thing to research why pasture raised chickens are better to eat, and taste the difference between conventional eggs and pasture raised, but it’s another thing to actually go to the farm and check it out yourself! Farmer Cliff McConville from All Grass Farms in Dundee Illinois was nice enough to show us around and talk about what it means to raised chickens on pasture, and the many benefits. You guys, pasture raised chicken eggs and meat not only taste better but the nutritional profile is way better than conventional or even free range chickens. pasture raised chickens are mic better for the environment, they fertilize the ground and that helps absorb carbon dioxide. The chickens live a much healthier and happy life and so does the farmer. Cage free and free range chickens never go outside, they live in giant warehouses that are dirty, full of waste, and the chickens are stressed out. Check my links below, you now have access to pasture raised chicken eggs and meat at farmers markets and co-op markets all over the country, it’s never been more accessible. I know the price is a bit more expensive than traditional chicken meat and eggs, but your body gets more nutrition and you will stay healthy longer, it’s an investment in your future. Mad love Bobby…Dessi…and Art! XOXO

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If you live near Chicago, take a trip to All Grass farms, they have an amazing store where you can buy everything, including raw milk!

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Paul’s farm to table list:

Nutrition facts of pasture raised eggs from farmer Joel Salatin’s farm compared to conventional eggs:
Vitamin E: USDA – 0.97mg vs. Pasture Raised – 7.37 mg
Vitamin A: USDA – 487 IU vs. Pasture Raised – 763 IU
Beta-carotene: USDA – 10 mcg vs. Pasture Raised – 76.2 mcg
Folate: USDA – 47 mcg vs. Pasture Raised – 10,200 mcg
Omega-3s: USDA – 0.033 g vs. Pasture Raised – 0.71 g
Cholesterol: USDA – 423 mg vs. Pasture Raised – 292 mg
Saturated fat: USDA – 3.1 g vs. Pasture Raised – 2.31 g

Check out the egg scorecard & type in your favorite brand of eggs to see how they rank.

Organic Egg Scorecard

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