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What Does Sugar Do To Your Body? 10 Proven Negative Effects of Sugar

Ten Proven Negative Effects of Sugar on your Body.

Negative Effects of Sugar on your body is what is up for discussion in this video from The Health Nerd.

So what exactly does sugar do to your body? Today he is exploring the 10 negative effects of sugar and answer the question of whether fruit is good or bad for you.

Wow, right off the bat I learn a new fact about sugar in that it gives you wrinkles and add age to your face! In studies done in the Netherlands it was shown that increased blood sugar made people look older. An increase of only 1 ml in blood sugar added 5 months to the perceived age of a person.

Another fact that I wasn’t aware of is that sugar intake increases the risk of developing certain cancers. A direct link has been shown between sugar consumption and breast and colon cancer.

With regards to weight loss, sugar is empty calories with no nutritional value. It has no Nutrient, Proteins, Minerals or Fiber. Not only does is it empty calories but it makes you feel hungry. So now you are not only consuming these empty calories but it makes you crave more sugary foods and drinks. You can see how that traps you in a vicious circle and happens when sugar screws up your hormonal levels.

A real clincher for me is the fact that sugar causes belly fat. As you may know this is the worst kind of fat.

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I hope you enjoyed the video?

My name is Neels Conradie and this video posting website, “Motivated To LOSE Weight” is mine. It exists to help me stay focused and motivated in my journey to lose weight and be healthy! I going to lose all the weight and live a healthy lifestyle, keeping the weight off!

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