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What Are Natural Flavors And Why Are They In Everything At The Grocery Store?!

Natural flavors are taking over the grocery store! Look at the ingredient list and there is a good chance somewhere towards the bottom is natural flavors. The food industry has figured out how to make foods taste better and make us addicted to them under the guise of natural flavors. There is nothing natural about them, they are developed in a lab with up to 100 chemicals, designed to excite our taste buds and brains, and make us hooked on their products. I will go int more detail below, but I believe this is one of the biggest issues we face at the grocery store today! Mad love Bobby…Dessi…and Art! XOXO

The only rule regarding natural flavors, is that they must originate from something natural. After that, you can alter the flavor any way you want using chemicals. This is done by 3rd party companies, by scientists in a lab. Don’t ask these food companies what’s in their natural flavors, because they don’t actually know!

There is a ton of research available online, just start searching for it. Including great articles by the food babe. Just ask yourself this, would you rather eat a product made from “vanilla extract” or “natural vanilla flavors”? These two are not the same, the later uses chemicals to enhance the vanilla bean flavors. This is true despite the messages I have been getting for food science people telling me that I am wrong and a fear monger, ha!

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