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We’re Pregnant…And It Only Took 2 Years! Our Pregnancy Journey

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We’re Pregnant…And It Only Took 2 Years! Our Pregnancy Journey

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We can’t hide the good news any longer, we’re pregnant and the baby is due in June 2019! Man, this was a lot harder than we though, and a pregnancy journey filled with tears, infertility, doctors, overseas ivf in vitro in Bulgaria, miscarriage, and joy. Of course no guy ever thinks anything is wrong with them, but of course when I went to have my levels checked, it turned out I had a varicocele. The massive vein network near my boys was boiling the swimmers! Then came acupuncture, a miscarriage, ivf fertilization in Bulgaria, and eventually a natural pregnancy back at home..phew! We wanted to share the good news wit you, but also share our story because many people has fertility issues but never talk about it. Hopefully our pregnancy journey will help you in some way! Mad Love, Bobby & Dessi..XOXO

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