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Gluten Free Foods At The Grocery Store – Top 10 Healthiest

In this video Bobby Parish from FlavCity is visiting a Whole Foods Market to do a Gluten Free Foods review. According to Bobby now is the best time to be Gluten free because of all the products that are available and that is next level. But just because it is Gluten Free does not mean it is good for you.

He wants to show us Gluten Free Foods products that are the most nutritious. The ones made from whole grains and beans, not the ones made from cheap starch and cheap filler.

So lets get started with something really exiting. Everybody wants to know about the best Gluten Free Bread. You want to find a bread that uses a Gluten Free whole grain. It is very common that Gluten Free Breads uses a cheap filler, the starchy stuff like rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch. Not only is it cheap and you are still paying high prices for the bread, but is also not nutritious. It is a simple carbohydrate that spikes your blood sugar and doesn’t satiate your hunger.

The recommendation for probably the most nutritious bread out there is the Food for Life Gluten Free Sprouted Bread. Sprouted Grains are much easier for you tummy to digest and your body gets a ton more nutrition from it. The only downside is that it is expensive. The ingredients though are great.

So that is the best Sprouted Gluten Free bread on the planet, according to Bobby. The best in class Gluten Free Bread in his opinion is the Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Bread. First of all the flavor is top notch. The texture is just like normal bread. The ingredients are also best in class and include Whole Grain Sorghum, Whole Grain Millet and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Also only 2 grams of sugar per serving, which is amazing.

Next up lets look at the Bagels. His number one recommendation is the Bagels from Trader Joe’s (Yes he sneaked it in there!). Evidently Trader Joe’s has a lot of Gluten Free Foods and their Bagels are the best flavor and texture Bobby has ever found.

Gluten Free FoodsGluten Free Foods

Now we ask what is the best tasting and most nutritious Mac and Cheese? In this case don’t take the front of the box by its words, you have to read the ingredients. Once again his choice comes from Trader Joe’s and according to him it is the best Mac, you can just add your own cheese to it. It is the Brown Rice and Quinoa Pasta. Great ingredients with no filler.

Crackers next. A really popular brand in Chicago is Simple Mills Cracked Black Pepper Almond Flour Crackers. The ingredients are best in class for Gluten Free. The only issue Bobby has with this product is the Organic Sunflower Oil it uses. Don’t be fooled by the word Organic. Unless it is says Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil, it is highly processed and highly refined at very high temperatures which alters the fatty acid.

But Bobby’s choice for Crackers is Mary’s Gone Crackers. Not only is all the Cracker Flavors Gluten Free but it doesn’t even use oil. The ingredients are all top notch. The exception here is Mary’s Real Thin Crackers which uses Palm Fruit Shortening which is Palm Oil that has been Hydrogenated. You want to stay away from Palm Oils at all times.

And a Gluten Free Foods review wouldn’t be complete if we did not look at Gluten Free Pizza! The best in class is Cappello’s Pizza. They started with Pizza crust and now they have whole Pizzas. It is a little bit pricey but you have never seen ingredients like this. If you don’t want to splurge, there is a couple more options like Caulipower and Daiya.

We move on to Oats which is really interesting because even though they are Gluten Free they have to be marked Gluten Free. This is because they are produced in a facility that has flour and other things that if you are a celiac could cause you problems in your stomach. You always want to buy organic oats like Bob’s Red Mill. Just make sure that the flavored once don’t have natural flavors cause a lot of them do. The Bobby Approved one is the Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Cauliflower Hot Cereal.

While you are in that isle, let’s look at the Granola as well. Here Purely Elizabeth is once again tops. Especially the Grain-Free Granola from this brand is recommended. Another Granola brand is Eco Friendly Foods Initiative’s Chickpea Granola which also includes pro-biotics but is a bit pricey.

The best in class cereal according to Bobby is Barbara’s Puffins. Not too high and sugar and uses real Peanut Butter. He also recommend Love Grown as a really good Gluten Free option and it is made with beans. From this brand he would go with the Cinnamon O’s because there are no natural flavors and is super clean.

For Pasta you want to see whole grains or made from legumes and really nothing else. Bobby would stick to something like Red Lentil Pasta. Try to find something that sticks to one ingredient. Once again he recommends the Gluten Free spaghetti from Trader Joe’s which taste just like regular pasta.

With regards to Pancake options there are some really options now available. The Birch Benders Keto Pancake Mix which is also Gluten Free and the ingredients are great. It only has 5 net carbs per serving of two pancakes. The Paleo option is not that great though. Even though he doesn’t like the Simple Mills Crackers he loves their Pancake Mix because it is literally six great ingredients.

And that is it. Watch the video to get more information about why these are his picks but also to see some of the not so good options he found.

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