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The Best Peanut & Nut Butter To Buy At The Store – And What To Avoid!

You asked for it, so here is my full review of all peanut and nut butter at the grocery store. Including jam and jellies, best butter for nut allergy, and more. There are so many choices of peanut and almond butter at the store now, and these brands are sneaking sugar and low quality oils in to most of them! It’s shocking how many premium brands have palm oil and added sugar, and the cheaper brands are using the worst type of GMO and hydrogenated oils. Just read the ingredient list on the back of the nut butter, if it lists more than nuts and salt, put it back. You don’t need the added sugar and low quality oil in your body. I hope you guys found this review useful, what aisle in the grocery store next? Mad love Bobby…Dessi…and Art! XOXO

Cookbook party in Chicago:

sugar free peanut butter powder:

peanut butter powder sweetened with monk fruit & erythritol:

JIF makes peanut powder, and only uses peanuts!

coconut butter:

tiger nut butter:


Sugar free jams:
stevia sweetened jam(my fav):

Xylitol sweetened:

Look for nut butters that only have two ingredients, nuts & salt. Don’t buy any flavored varieties(except Nutzo) or reduced fat. Also, there is no healthy version of Nutella at the store 😉

Here is a list of Bobby approved nut & seed butters, but let me know if you have other ones!

Peanut Butter:
Any unsweetened/unflavored from Trader Joe’s, EXCEPT no-stir
Nutzo, any variety
Any unsweetened/unflavored from Whole Foods, EXCEPT no-stir
Smucker’s natural or the organic variety
Crazy richards
Adam’s 100% natural peanut butter
Santa Cruz peanut butter
Walmart organic peanut butter

Almond butter:
Trader Joe’s
Whole foods
ALDI simply nature(but not the peanut butter)

Sunflower seed butter:
Trader joe’s unsweetened
SunButter organic or no sugar added

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