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Sugar Substitute Grocery Haul – The Best Sweeteners To Buy & What To Avoid!

I’m hitting the grocery store to show you guys the best and worst sugar substitutes to buy. My favorite is monk fruit sweetener, it’s keto approved and has a fantastic taste. It has zero calories and zero on the glycemic index. Same goes for stevia, I just don;t like the flavor as much as monk fruit. We need to move away from sugar, it devastating to our health. I don’t think people realize how sick it makes them and how it helps cancer cells grow. I used to think sugar substitutes like agave nectar were good, but it is so high is fructose, the same amount as sugar. That makes you insulin resistant. There are a tons of sweeteners and sugar substitutes at whole foods, so go to a shop here you have good options or just order on Amazon. They have everything listed in this video. What aisle of the grocery store next??? Let us know! Mad Love..Dessi…Bobby…Art…and Baby Flav XOXO

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Monk fruit sweetener:

Brown sugar substitute:

Recipes from this video:
Keto ketchup:

Keto biscotti:

GF & DF carrot cake cupcakes:

GF & DF berry crisp:

Sugar free BBQ sauce:

Chocolate date brownies:

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Tasty keto meals don’t get much easier than this my friends! It only takes 6 ingredients to make this crispy skin lemon chicken with tender asparagus and lemon pan sauce. Although Art says it’s 7 ingredients!? This keto chicken recipe only takes about 20 minutes but has monster flavors. Just make sure to have the butcher take the bone out, that way the chicken cooks up quickly and that fatty skin gets crispy. The entire recipe is low carb and perfect for a quick weeknight meal. Hope you guys give this a go and make sure to let us know how you like it! Mad Love, Bobby & Dessi..Art XOXO

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Macros per meal, recipes make two meals:
488 calories
6.07 grams of net carbs
13.2 grams of total carbs
34.4 grams of fat
35.8 grams of protein
7.1 grams of fiber

Cast iron: or

cheaper cast iron pan:

salt storage box:

oil dispenser:

metal tongs:

oil splatter guard:

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