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My 4-Day High Protein Vegan Meal Plan

High Protein Vegan Meal Plan!

A High Protein Vegan 4 Day Meal Plan is on the cards in this video by Fit Men Cook.

Today’s video is a lot of fun because we are doing a meal prep! Whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian or just like to try new stuff, this video is for you. The food is delicious and nourishing and completely plant based.

Kevin has actually met some real life Vegan Body Builders and you have nothing to worry about. You will not lose your hard earned muscles if you start eating plant-based meals.

[amazon_link asins=’B071JLJ9Q8′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’loseweightmotivate’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’
eaefc646-2633-11e8-8330-fde829ace301′] First up is a Protein Apple Pie Smoothie which I must say looks very appealing. Next up is a Spicy Peanut Butter Tempeh with Rice and a delicious Purple Cabbage Slaw. And there’s more so make sure you watch the video now!

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”hWDd4jTGT7Q”]

I hope you liked the video!

My name is Neels Conradie and I made this site called “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. I upload fun videos as a result about being healthy, exercising and losing weight on this website. It makes sure I am motivated to achieve my own weight loss goals!

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