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Meal Prep – Orange Chicken Recipe / Pollo a la Naranja

An awesome video about prepping for the healthy recipe, Orange Chicken.

Here’s another great video from Fit Men Cook!

It is all about cooking a tasty chicken dish called Orange Chicken or Pollo a la Naranja. If you have an air fryer this will be perfect to use for the recipe, through baking in the oven as done in the video, is perfectly fine too.

If you are vegan you can easily replace the chicken with tofu and the egg white with some spicy mustard.

This is a really easy dish to make and tastes great!

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”_yip5ZxBhqk”]

I hope you enjoyed the video!

My name is Neels Conradie, the creator of “Motivated To LOSE Weight” and I’m on a journey of losing weight and living healthy! However, time and again, I find that even though I start strong, I soon lose the motivation to keep at it.

Knowing that I don’t have to eat boring “diet” food, really motivates me to eat properly!

I love how easy it is to make this recipe and how tasty it is. And best of all, you don’t need to break the bank to be able to live a healthy lifestyle.


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