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MEAL PREP: Low-Carb Chicken Alfredo Bake Recipe / Pollo Alfredo al Horno Bajo en Carbohidratos

This Chicken Alfredo Bake Recipe is awesome!

Chicken Alfredo Bake that is low in carbohydrates is what Fit Men Cook is making for us today.

Interestingly enough I already previously had a video about this dish but done by the Fit Couple Cooks. You can find that video by clicking on this link. But since this video is a slightly different take on this popular meal I decided to post this one here as well.

This version of the dish is a quicky recipe of this comfort food. So here again he is making use of Cauliflower Rice rather than normal grain rice for the low-carb option. It is important to squeeze out all the moisture from the Cauliflower Rice because you want to make your filling as creamy as possible. On a personal note, I have started eating Cauliflower Rice and I was pleasantly surprised with how tasty it is.

Watch the video now to see to make this quick and easy recipe.

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”sC7poZoPM9U”]

That looked really yummy!

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