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Meal Prep – Indian Lamb & Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Indian Lamb and Cauliflower Rice Awesome Meal Prep!

Cauliflower Rice used in conjunction with Indian Lamb is the recipe presented to us today by Fit Men Cook.

Indian food does not have to be spicy but always is packed with a lot of flavor. This is once again true for this low carb Lamb and Rice dish that is Indian Inspired. This specific dish is not as Spicy as normal Indian food would be to make it more robust and accessible to people. This is great news for me as I don’t do that well with very spicy foods. It also allows a wider global audience to be able to cook and enjoy this meal!

With regards to Lamb, it seems to be often in the shadow of beef and chicken and don’t get as much attention. Even pork seems to feature more than Lamb especially in Asian inspired dishes. It is however a great protein source but tends to be a little higher in fat. Lamb does have some awesome properties like being known to boost your immunity and also help out with the nervous system function. And yes, it might be more fatty but it is packed with a whole bunch of healthy fats!

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”SNG9ILDuAyk”]

That looks really yummy and proofs that you can have a healthy version of Indian Food.

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