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Egg Roll in a Bowl with Sweet & Sour Sauce

In this meal prep series by Fit Men Cook, we will be looking at making Egg Roll in a bowl with a Sweet and Sour Sauce. The cook thing about this meal prep is that you can hammer it out in less than 20 minutes.

This dish is also a really good late night recipe because sometimes you get the urge for something really good. You however don’t want to eat something at that time that will bloat you.

This recipe is very plant dominated and it is super delicious.

You need some very simple ingredients:

  • A bag of some broccoli slaw
  • Your choice of some ground protein or even a veggie ground
  • And as long as you have some soy sauce, you are good to go
egg roll in a bowlegg roll in a bowl

Lastly we will see how to whip up a super simple sweet and sour sauce to go with the egg roll in a bowl. This is not the one you would actually get at the restaurant. We want to just capture the essence with some common household items that you probably have lying around in both your pantry and your fridge.

Start by adding a little bit of olive oil to a pan. Toss in some garlic and then some green onion. You can use white onion or red onion too if you prefer. Green onion is just a little less potent.

Next up add some fresh ginger. Increase the meat to medium high and add the ground protein. For this video he is using a very lean ground turkey. Cook the protein until brown.

Now we will toss in the broccoli slaw. Just put it all right on top and then carefully fold it over until nicely mixed. Make sure your pan is big enough to hold everything.

All you have to do now is add some low sodium soy sauce and you are finished. The recipe is done and really good enough as it is, but we will step it up by making a sweet and sour sauce.

We will be using pineapple as the base for this sauce. Start with some crushed pineapple, mainly the juice as you don’t want too many pineapple pieces.

Add in some ketchup and a little bit of sriracha. Then add a little bit of low sodium soy and bit of water as well as rice vinegar. Lastly add some arrowroot flour which will help it thicken up. Give it a good mix.

Add another pan to the heat to be used to cook the sauce. Set it on a medium heat and pour in the sauce. You don’t want it too hot otherwise you are going to burn the sauce. You want to gradually heat up the sauce so that it thickens up.

From a portion control standpoint, you can keep the sauce and the egg roll in a bowl separate until you want to eat it.

This meal is perfect by itself but if want to have it with something else, some steamed cauliflower rice is recommended.


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