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Yoga Couple Challenge in Central Park

In this video by Georgie Stevenson she is making her partner Tim do the Yoga Couple Challenge, in the beautiful Central Park in New York City. They thought it would be super funny as neither of them are very flexible. Just having a bit of fun while on holiday.

The first Couple Yoga Pose they attempt is called the Buddy Boat. And to be honest they did not have much success with this one. Georgie could stop laughing through the exercise! This is a medium or intermediate difficulty pose.

You start this pose by sitting opposite your partner, with about a half legs distance between you. Lock hands with your partner making sure it is on the outside of your legs. Bend your knees first and then place the soles of the feet together. Both people then slowly starts to straighten their legs all while holding hands. End by looking upwards and draw your lower backs in.

After a few failed attempts they managed to get one leg in the right position and very nearly had both before collapsing in laughter again. They tried one more time but just couldn’t get it right and failed this one in the end. I think Tim’s legs are just too long for this one.

The following position in the Yoga Couple Challenge is called the Partner Yoga Plank Up Dog. This requires considerable core and upper body strength, so I don’t think they will struggle with this one. Basically the male does a perfect plank at the bottom with the female doing a plank on top of him. The is seen as a medium difficulty pose.

Yoga Couple Challenge

Georgie and Tim managed to do this one quite easily, but I’m not surprised. They both have a very strong core.

Next up is the Double Downward Dog. There is a modified version of this pose which is a bit easier to do. These two however did not need to do the modified version and got it right the first time. This pose is seen as a good one for beginners.

I’m not quite sure what this next pose was called. Looks a bit like a variation of the Flying Superman pose. Our couple tried their best but failed to replicate this one!

For the next one I also cannot find a name for it. In this one both people stand on their heads, facing away from each other. Then touch the soles of their feet against each other with one legs stretched out backwards and the other bent. Georgie had to first help Tim to get in to position without success. They then swopped trying to get Georgie to stand on hear head, also without success. Another Fail. 🙂

Now we come to a Couple Yoga Challenge Pose called the Box Sit-up. Our couple manage to do this one quite easily as well even through they did not get in to position the way it is recommended.

For the last pose they did it both ways, one with Tim doing the handstand and then swopping with Georgie next time. In both cases they managed to complete the pose successfully.

All in all they did not do a bad job!

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