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Low Carb Meat Loaf Recipe – Keto Diet Meal Prep For The Week

This epic meatloaf recipe is stuffed with provolone cheese and prosciutto before being slathered in keto approved ketchup and baked in the oven, perfect for low carb keto meal prep. If you are wondering how do you make meatloaf that is juicy and low carb, then you gotta try this recipe. The keto meal prep comes with broccolini and japanese eggplant as the veggie side, so good. You are gonna love this easy meat loaf recipe that makes 5 generous portions for keto meal prep. The entire meatloaf recipe is easy to make and everything is low carb, you guys are gonna love this keto diet meal prep recipe.



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Macros per serving of meatloaf, makes 5 generous servings:
693 calories
3.1 grams of net carbs
5.5 grams of total carbs
50.2 grams of fat
47.6 grams of protein
0.6 grams of fiber

Macros per serving of veggies, makes 5 servings:
115 calories
5.16 grams of net carbs
9.8 grams of total carbs
9.36 grams of fat
2 grams of protein
4.4 grams of fiber

meatloaf pan:

meat thermometer:

large non-stick pan:

microplane zester:

mesh strainer for broccoli:

oil splatter guard:

spice canisters:

metal sheet trays:

veggie peeler:

wooden spoons:

my pepper mill:

pyrex glass mixing bowls:

non-stick tongs:

glass meal prep containers:

my chef’s knife:

wood cutting board:

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