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Keto Pulled Pork Sandwiches – Sugar Free BBQ Sauce & Cheddar Bay Biscuits

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This is one of my favorite recipes from the new keto cookbook. Coffee and smoked chili rubbed pork shoulder cooked in the instant pot with sugar free BBQ sauce and piled on a keto cheddar biscuit with crunchy slaw…mic drop! There is so much flavor in this recipe it’s insane, the fact that the entire recipe is keto compliant and sugar free is even more insane! I hope you guys give this recipe a go, and make sure to check on the cookbook on Amazon down below. Mad Love, Bobby..Dessi..Rose Honey…Art XOXO


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Macros per serving of pulled pork (makes 5):
674 calories
5.6 grams of net carbs
6.3 grams of total carbs
37 grams of fat
32 grams of protein
Less than 1 gram of fiber

Macros per serving of slaw, recipe makes 5 servings:
342 calories
7.1 grams of net carbs
12 grams of total carbs
31.9 grams of fat
4.7 grams of protein
5.3 grams of fiber

Macros per biscuit, recipe makes 10 biscuits:
230 calories
1.8 net grams of carbs
3.6 grams of total carbs
22.4 grams of fat
6.2 grams of protein
1.8 grams of fiber

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