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Keto French Toast with Blueberry Sauce & Sugar Free Syrup – Low Carb Keto Breakfast

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The keto breakfast game has just been raised y’all! This low carb keto french toast recipe is so darn tasty, especially when you pour some sugar free blueberry sauce and maple syrup all over it. We just had this again for breakfast and it was the perfect Sunday meal. First click the link below for Dessi’s keto bread recipe, then you are good to go! Make sure to dry the sliced bread in a 250F oven for 15 minutes so it’s a bit dry and will soak up the custard. The sugar free blueberry sauce is so easy to make and so is my faux maple syrup. The french toast is soft, custardy, and perfect, you won’t even realize that it’s keto. Hope you guys give this keto breakfast recipe for french toast a try! Mad Love..Dessi…Bobby…Art…and Baby Flav XOXO

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French toast recipe::

Keto fat bread recipe:

Macros per piece of french toast w/o toppings
359 calories
2.9 grams of net carbs
7 grams of total carbs
33.7 grams of fat
7.4 grams of protein
4 grams of fiber

Macros per 2 tablespoons of whipped cream:
51 calories
0.4 grams of net & total carbs
5.5 grams of fat
0.63 grams of protein
0 fiber

Macros per tablespoon of blueberry sauce:
10.4 calories
2.2 grams of net carbs
2.6 grams of total carbs
Less than 1 gram of fiber and protein

Sugar free maple syrup has 0 calories and 0 non-impact sugar carbs

Sukrin gold brown sugar substitute:

my fav monk fruit sweetener:

baking/cooling rack:

metal sheet trays:

white non-stick pan:

large non-stick pan:

bread pan:

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