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I Can’t Stop Eating!!! 3 TIPS to overcome mindless eating II WEDSHRED v5

How to overcome mindless eating!

Overcome mindless eating with these 3 helpful tips by Georgie Stevenson.

We’ve all gone through it. You might be experiencing a lot of stress at work and home. Whatever the reason might be, you end up in a cycle of mindless eating. You literally can’t stop eating! Obviously this is not good when you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle or lose weight. You end up going into a vicious circle of feeling bad about yourself and eating more to feel better. You also often tend to not pick better food options when you over eat like this.

Don’t despair. There’s always a way out and Georgie gives us 3 tips from her own personal experience on how to break the cycle and stop the mindless eating. The tips are easy to implement and should make a big difference. Like the tip about drinking two glasses of water before every meal. This is great advice. Often when you think you are hungry it is actually that you are thirsty. Drinking the water before hand will make you feel fuller and reduce the amount of food you eat during the meal. And since it adds zero calories to your day it’s just a big win all around!

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