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How to Meal Prep – Ep. 67 – DAD’S SWEET POTATO and KALE and QUINOA – One Pot Meal Prep Recipe

Sweet Potato and Kale with Quinoa One Pot Meal.

Sweet Potato and Kale with some Quinoa is a One Pot dish from Fit Couple Cooks.

Adam’s Dad is joining the couple in the kitchen today and he will be showing us how to cook this tasty dish. You can see his Dad is not used to being in front of the camera but with some prompting by Adam he does just fine. A nice tip while you are preparing the ingredients is to have a scrap bowl handy. Use the scrap bowl to throw the discarded pieces into and get it out of the way of your work surface.

Everything goes into one pot so start off with a pot big enough to hold all the ingredients. This is especially important for the when you add the Kale which is big and leafy. As with any good dish, and the way I like to do it, the chopped up onions go in first. You want to get them nice and tender. You need 900 grams of Sweet Potato that you will cut up into big chunky slices. Adam’s Dad does peel each slice but you can leave the skin on if you like. Once each 3 cm thick slice is to your taste, you will cut it into cubes.

If you are not to keen on doing the prepping yourself you can always buy the Sweet Potato prepped already. This does however make it slightly more expensive.

Watch the video to see how everything is done.

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”0qkDwC5o0dU”]

I hope you liked the video!

My name is Neels Conradie and I built this website, “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. I upload videos about healthy living and weight loss as often as I can. I want to be my ideal weight and have a fit and healthy life!

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