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Tasty Louisiana Shrimp in one pot meal prep.

Today we are learning to make Louisiana Shrimp in a quick step by step video by Fit Couple Cooks!

I’ve never had Louisiana Shrimp, but it seems like a very tasty and easy dish to make. They are making this version of the dish by boiling the shrimp. This is obviously a healthier way to do it than to cook your shrimp by frying. It is interesting to note that all the spices are added to the water first and then brought to boil. That should make sure that the shrimp absorbs all the awesome flavors.

If you do not have all the spices and seasoning as shown in the video you can just get some Cajun seasoning and use that for the pot. Before you even add the shrimp though you need to add all the vegetables. Make sure you cut nice and chunky pieces to put to the pot.

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”wHXPlxMaBEg”]

After this awesome video I’m inspired to go out add Louisiana Shrimp to my arsenal. Hope you enjoyed it too!

I am Neels Conradie, creator of “Motivated To LOSE Weight” to help me remain motivated while trying to lose weight! This time around, unlike previously, I want to go all the way and keep the weight off!

This dish, Louisiana Shrimp is a prime example of another easy to prepare but healthy dish to try. And there is nothing boring about this dish. They make a lot of small changes to recipe to make it easier to make, which is always great for me.

To be honest, the easier it is to make the dish, the better for me. In my busy schedule I do not always have time to prepare complex meals just to eat healthy.

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