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How to Meal Prep – Ep. 55 – ONE POT 15 MINUTE MEAL PREP

A 15 minute meal prep that you can do in One Pot!

One Pot is all you need for the meal prep recipe by Fit Couple Cooks.

If you do not have a lot of time to meal prep then having everything done a pot is a great way to save time. This is what the Fit Couple Cooks did while they were preparing for their wedding.

The best part about doing a recipe in a pot like this is that it easy to cater for all portion sizes. You can half it, double it, even triple it, whatever you need! Obviously you need to have a pot that is big enough!

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Now that was easy to make!

My name is Neels Conradie and I made this site called “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. I post engaging videos as a result about being healthy, exercising and losing weight on this website. It makes sure I am motivated to achieve my own weight loss goals!

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