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How To Make Homemade Almond Milk – Dessi’s Kitchen Basics

Hey guys, Dessi here to show you how to make homemade almond milk using dates as the sweetener. So it turns out that store bought almond milk only has 7-8 almonds per cup, the rest is emulsifiers! The recipe is lectin free because the skins are removed from the almonds. This homemade almond milk recipe is unlike anything you have tasted before. It does require some time and costs more than store bought milk, but the flavor and texture are worth it. Just make sure to soak and remove the skins from the almonds, they are full of lectins, which are anti-nutrients. You can add strawberries or unsweetened cocoa powder to this almond milk base to mix up the flavors. Hope you give this almond milk recipe a try! Mad Love..Dessi…Bobby…Art…and Baby Flav XOXO

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Macros per 8 ounce cup of almond milk:
70 calories
10.1 grams of net carbs
11.9 gram of total carbs
2.5 grams of fat
1 gram of protein
1.7 grams of fiber
10 grams of sugar

Macros per 8 ounce cup of keto almond milk using liquid stevia:
30 calories
0.3 grams of net carbs
1 gram of total carbs
2.5 grams of fat
1 gram of protein
0.7 grams of fiber

nut milk bag:

blender(expensive but awesome):

electric kettle:

vanilla bean paste(pricey but worth it):

glass jar for milk:

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