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How To Make Granola Without An Oven – Paleo & Vegan Granola Recipe

Dessi is back in the kitchen showing you how to make her paleo granola recipe. This easy granola recipe can be made in one pan without the use of an oven. It’s also gluten free, vegan, and paleo. We love to snack on this granola during the day or eat it for breakfast with some yogurt and almond milk. This easy granola is loaded with nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, and a touch of unsweetened cocoa powder. Not only is this granola recipe gluten free, but it’s also oat free, which can upset many peoples stomach. Mad Love..Dessi…Bobby…Art…and Baby Flav XOXO

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Granola recipe:

Homemade almond milk:

Macros per ¼ cup serving, recipe makes about 12 servings:
219 calories
(201 calories if using keto maple syrup or sweetener)
7 grams of net carbs
(2.6 net grams if using keto maple syrup or sweetener)
10.2 grams of total carbs
(5.8 total grams if using keto maple syrup or sweetener)
40 grams of fat
5.7 grams of protein
3.1 grams of fiber

keto maple syrup:

monk fruit sweetener:

large non-stick pan:

portable gas burner:

unrefined pure kosher salt:

Rest of my gear:

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