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How To Cut A Pumpkin

Ever wondered how to Cut a Pumpkin?

Cut a Pumpkin like a pro with this great instructional video from Fit Couple Cooks.

Today one of the Couple Cooks namely Adam is on the video and he will be showing us how to cut the Pumpkin. As obvious as it sounds, the first thing you need to do is get a really sharp knife. It needs to be quite a large knife or you will struggle to cut all the way through.

You actually need to cut by first sticking the point of the knife into the top of the Pumpkin. The knife needs to vertical pointing downwards with the sharp end of the blade facing you. If you watch the video you will see a proper demonstration of this technique. Note that you do need to have a bit of strength to get through, especially if the Pumpkin has a really thick skin.

The whole aim of the initial cuts is to split your Pumpkin in half. Once you have the two half you can take the seeds out before continuing with further cuts. You will be placing the half flat side down and then start slicing of pieces of skin.

Watch the video to see the full process.

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”dGA8UMNKVFM”]

I hope the video was helpful!

My name is Neels Conradie and this is my video posting website, “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. I enjoy posting healthy recipes, workouts and motivational videos daily to assist me in achieve my goal to lose weight. I want healthy and fit body that I can be proud of!

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