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How To Cook The Perfect Pork Chop With Pan Sauce – Bobby’s Kitchen Basics

For this kitchen basics, I’m showing you how to cook oven baked pork chops. I think this method produces the most juicy and flavorful flavor chops ever. The key is to buy thick cut chops, as they won’t dry out as easy as small ones. Also make sure to use a digital probe thermometer and pull the pork chops once they reach 140F in the oven. First I like to oven bake the pork chops, then pan sear them and make them crusty and golden. The sauce is so easy to make and compliments the flavor of the pork so well! Mad love, Bobby…Dessi…Art XOXO

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Macros per pork chop w/o sauce:
542 calories
1 gram of net & total carbs(from the spices)
32 grams of fat
49.5 grams of protein
0 fiber

Macros for all the cream sauce:
332 calories
6.1 grams of net carbs
6.6 grams of total carbs
32 grams of fat
1.6 grams of protein
0.55 grams of fiber

cast iron pan:

baking/cooling rack:

metal sheet trays:

digital probe thermometer:

metal tongs:

oil dispenser:

Rest of my gear:

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