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Healthy Soul Food – Dirty Rice and Candied Carrots / “Arroz Sucio” Saludable

Quick and Easy Dirty Rice and Candied Carrots!

Dirty Rice and Candied Carrots is on the menu today from Fit Men Cook.

This is both a personal favorite and a Soul Food favorite of his. The dish is a low-carb Cajun Dirty Rice with distinctive flavors. These distinctive flavors come firstly from the Creole seasoning which is a very spicy and salty rub. As not every one can just walk into a store and buy this seasoning, the video will attempt to recreate it.

The second way it gets its distinct flavor is as a result of the meat being used. You will often find different variations with Sausage or Ground Meat. The most common factor in Dirty Rice however must be Chopped Liver. Cooked on its own the Chopped Liver has a very harsh and gamy taste. Mixed in with the Dirty Rice it really comes together and raises the dish to new heights.

For this recipe however he is using Ground Beef. To lower the carbs he is using cauliflower rice instead of the normal white rice. To break down the very spicy Dirty Rice dish it is being paired with Carrots. Carrots are naturally sweet but the sweetness will be boosted with a bit of Cinnamon and Sugar Free Maple Syrup.

This dish sure sounds yummy. Watch the video now to see how everything comes together!

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”dDuqcoD__yg”]

I really hope you thoroughly enjoyed this awesome video. Once again cooking healthy dishes does not have to be boring.

Welcome to my website “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. My name is Neels Conradie and this video posting website is my pride and joy! I use this website to help me stay focused, motivated and driven towards losing weight! I aim to achieve my weight loss targets, live a healthy lifestyle and ultimately keep the weight off!

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