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Healthy Meal Prepping For Weight Loss – Tasty Recipes For Losing Weight

Great Tasting Recipes For Losing Weight!

Recipes For Losing Weight that can be used for Meal Prepping is what this video by FlavCity is all about.

Followers of the FlavCity Channel has been asking Bobby for meal prep for weight loss that is low in fat, low in calories, low in carbs, but big on flavor. So with Bobby always up for a challenge he is making Chicken Pesta Lettuce Wraps. It consists of ground chicken meat loaded with pistachios, raisins and herbs. It is put in a lettuce wrap and then finished with a Tahini drizzle. Bobby then finishes it with Moroccan Vegetables which are root vegetables seasoned with a Moroccan spice and then oven roasted.

In case you have come across the concept of meal prep but not know what it is about then let me quickly give a basic explanation. The concept really started from the need for quick and easily available meals during busy work weeks. So the idea was born to cook in bulk over weekends and then freeze meal portions for later heat up and use. Doing this also helps with controlling your calorie intake as you can accurately measure out each portion to be in line with your intake targets. It becomes as simple as popping your meal in the microwave and enjoying a tasty and healthy meal. This is great if you just don’t have the time to cook.

Watch the video now to see how Bobby cooks this tasty dish. He really does know his stuff.

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Did you enjoy the video?

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