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Healthy Jerk Chicken & Plantain Kabob Recipe / Brochetas de Pollo Jerk con Pltano

Healthy Jerk Chicken Plantain Kabob!

Healthy Jerk Chicken with a Plantain on a Kabob is the recipe made in this video by Fit Men Cook.

For those of you that don’t know what a Kabob is, you might know it as a Kebab. Same thing. Usually kebabs are small pieces of meat or seafood with vegetables or fruit in between all cooked on a skewer. Kebabs are especially good to cook on the grill and the skewer tends to be made of wood.

Plantain is actually a loose term applied to any banana that is eaten when cooked. These cooking bananas are also sometimes referred to as Green Bananas. There is no real formal distinction between bananas and plantains. This fruit is a major food staple in the Caribbean, West and Central Africa, Central America, as well as the northern, coastal parts of South America. Plantains are a starchy fruit with a relatively neutral taste and when cooked becomes soft. The Plantain like other bananas bears fruit all year round which is what makes it such a reliable staple.

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I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy recipe. This Jamaican inspired recipe is yummy and great for a family gathering!

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