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Healthy Grocery Shopping Haul – Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

Next up in the grocery haul series is Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Man, this store is pretty pricey, I had to look hard to find some good deals there! The good news is that fresh thyme is loaded with tons of healthy grocery items, and lots to chose from. Some of the items are way overpriced, but most all of them are top notch quality. The nut milk section at fresh thyme is off the charts, and I love their organic spices by the ounce, always the way to go. I probably won’t shop here very often because I can get most all of these healthy grocery items at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Costco for much less money, but it was still fun to make this hail video! Mad Love, Bobby…Dessi…Art XOXO

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