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Grass Fed Beef – Everything You Need To Know And Where To Buy It

It’s time to make the switch and start eating grass fed beef my friends. That is, if you can afford the extra cost, if not, now you have some information compared to grain fed beef. Now more than ever you can find good quality 100% grass fed beef at most grocery stores(list down below), and usually find organic grass fed beef for under $6 per pound. 100% grass fed and grass finished beef is better for the environment, has much more nutrition, butter for the farmer, and better for the cows. Yes grain fed beef is cheaper, but the cows are stuffed in a commercial farm, never graze the pastures, eat gmo corn & soy, and poop all over each other. That’s not the type of beef I want to be eating, and in my opinion, if you have the choice, neither should you. Mad love Bobby…Dessi…and Art! XOXO

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Find locally sourced grassfed beef, pork, pasture chickens, & more:

You can find 100% grass fed(often times organic)beef at these stores UNDER $6/pound:
COSTCO? Not at my local about you?

If you live near Chicago, take a trip to All Grass farms, they have an amazing store where you can buy everything, including raw milk!

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Paul’s farm to table list:

Check out our pasture raised chicken video on the farm:

Digital probe thermometer:

Facts about grass fed pasture raised beef:
6 times as much omega-3 fatty acids compared to grain fed…and fewer omega 6(the bad ones)

2 times conjugated linoic acids(look up CLA’s..incredible stuff)

Much higher amounts of vitamin A & E..and antioxidants

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