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Getting back into routine II Having a SPS (Super Productive Sunday) + Why do I train fasted?

Getting back into routine after a break.

Georgie Stevenson talks about getting back into routine after taking a break from exercising and eating healthy.

I myself know how hard it is to get your old routine started once you took some time off. Georgie herself took a real long break and needs to get back in routine. She does this by starting off with a full body workout at the gym.

It is going to be a Super Productive Sunday for her. Interesting to note that she is going to the gym fasted. What that basically means is that she has no breakfast or fluids, with exception to water, before going to the gym. A lot of people might wonder how she can go work out with weights fasted, but she has always done it this way, so her body is used to it. If your are used to having a big breakfast going to the gym, then continue that way. Do what works for your body.

Of course all this is assuming you also work out in the morning!

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Hope you enjoyed this informative video!

I am Neels Conradie and this website, “Motivated To LOSE Weight” was built by me to help me remain focused in my mission to lose weight! I am determined to lose all the weight, live a healthy lifestyle and stay that way!

Good to see a bit of an example of the type of groceries she buys. Both Almond milk and Coconut milk. I must say, I have not really gotten used to the non-dairy versions of milk yet.

I also got to learn about a new product she uses in her cooking, namely Bone Broth. I’m also quite surprised by her portion size. It is quite a plate full, granted that it is mostly veggies.

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