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Everything You Need To Know About Eggs – Cage Free, Free Range, Pasture Raised, and More

I am so excited to share this egg review video with you guys because there is so much mystery and incorrect information about eggs. Just because you buy organic eggs, doesn’t mean anything! The truth is 90% of the organic eggs on the market are poor quality, from chicken that never go outside and eat gmo corn and soy. You need to know what the difference between eggs that cage free, free range, pasture raised, organic, non-gmo, and more. For my money, I ONLY BUY pasture raised eggs because they are outside from early morning till late evening eating bugs, worms, and soaking up the sun. The flavor and nutritional value is way better than cage free or free range. Vital farms pasture raised eggs are available nationwide, better yet is to buy locally sourced pasture eggs from a nearby farm! I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something, we want to start making more videos like this! Mad Love, Bobby…Dessi…Art…Paul XOXO

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Cornucopia egg scorecard & where to buy pasture raised eggs:

Organic Egg Scorecard

Use the cornucopia link above to see the best rated pasture eggs and where to buy them. You need to call around to stores in your area or contact those farms to ask where they sell them. Do yourself a favor and search “kirkland”, “trader joes”, “sprouts” and others and see how poorly they rate!

Check out the nutritional value of pasture raised eggs vs caged:
Vitamin E: USDA(caged) – 0.97mg vs. Polyface(pasture) – 7.37 mg
Vitamin A: USDA – 487 IU vs. Polyface – 763 IU
Beta-carotene: USDA – 10 mcg vs. Polyface – 76.2 mcg
Folate: USDA – 47 mcg vs. Polyface – 10,200 mcg
Omega-3s: USDA – 0.033 g vs. Polyface – 0.71 g.. 21 TIMES MORE
Cholesterol: USDA – 423 mg vs. Polyface – 292 mg
Saturated fat: USDA – 3.1 g vs. Polyface – 2.31 g
Source: Organic farmer Joel his book “Folks This Ain’t Normal”

My favorite pasture raised eggs are Vital Farms. You need to buy the organic or non-gmo variety to avoid the chickens that are feed the supplemental feed of gmo corn & soy.

I encourage you to find local farms that sell pasture raised eggs in your area, just call around, you can often find them at farmers markets at co-op stores. In Illinois, mint creek farms sells some of the best pasture eggs and never use corn or soy feed!

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