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Everything You Need To Know About Buying Chicken At The Grocery Store

It’s time to hit the grocery store and show you guys all of the options of chicken and what you should buy and avoid. There are many different options wen it comes to buying chicken, and it’s hard to understand what it all means. Which is why I want to break it down for you. Pay no attention to marketing terms like hormone free and cage free, they mean nothing! But do pay attention to air chilled, that is really important because water chilled chicken is is bland and chewy because of the added moisture. Fresh chicken is important too, it means the meat has never been frozen and that will produce the most optimal texture. You really want to buy organic chicken at the grocery store, the stamp means a lot. The chickens have a non-GMO organic vegetarian feed and have access to the outdoors. Below are the most common store bought organic brands you can find at the stores. I hope this video helps you pick the best chicken and understand where it comes from. Mad Love, Bobby…Dessi..Art XOXO

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How to cook chicken breast:

How to cook chicken thighs:

Find pasture raised chickens & eggs near you:

Buy these brands of chicken at the store:
Perdue harvestland organic
Aldi Never Any, not organic, but still better
Kirkland organic
Whole Foods 365 organic

You can also go to local farmers markets or call a co-op grocery store, they almost always carry locally sourced protein, dairy, and eggs. In Chicago, you can find pasture chickens and more a Dill Pickle co-op and local foods.

Find a farmers market near you:

Find a co-op grocer near you:

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