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Every Nut Milk & Non-Dairy Milk Reviewed – What To Buy & Avoid!

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Here’s everything you need to know about buying nut milk and milk alternatives at the grocery store. This was a popular request, so I made sure to cover everything you could possibly make milk from! It basically comes down to this, when buying milk alternatives at the store, buy organic and unsweetened milks. Try to buy almond milk and other milks that don’t have too many oils, gums, and emulsifiers in them(watch out for those barista blends). Almond milk should always be organic, they spray the ground around the trees like crazy. Pea milk and hemp milk are the highest in protein and great for toddlers. I will put more info down below…but what grocery items should I review next? Mad love Bobby…Dessi…Rose…and Art! XOXO

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Homemade almond milk recipe:

Always buy nut milks and milk alternatives that are:
-Unsweetened…Vanilla is good(unless you’re cooking with it)
-Organic is best and not much more expensive
-Doesn’t have too many emulsifiers, oils, and gums(avoid carrageenan)

The Most Popular Questions I Got About This Video on Instagram:
Milks with the highest protein?
Pea & hemp milk

Milks safe for toddlers?
Pea & hemp milk

Milks best for keto?
almond, pea, and hemp

Milks best for cooking & baking?
Almond is good for pancakes and cookies, but soy milk is best for pie crust

Which chocolate milk should I drink?
NONE..loaded with sugar

Coconut milk?
Buy Trader Joe’s organic full fat..just 2 ingredients! Avoid thai kitchens coconut milk, has too much gum and tastes slimy.

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