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Epic Keto Diet Meal Ideas – Low Carb Recipes For Ketogenic Diet

Keto Diet Meal Ideas That You Will Love!

Keto Diet Meal Ideas is easy to find by simply watching this video by FlavCity.

Everybody loved Bobby’s Keto Budget Meal Prep video that he made a few weeks back. People loved it so much that they let Bobby know that they wanted to see more Keto. So today he is hooking us up with Comfort Keto Meal Prep that is perfect for both bulking and shredding. The food is high in fat, high in calories and high in protein but low in carbohydrates. It works out to 76 grams net carbs per meal!

The Keto recipe that we are looking at in this video is Ricotta Cheese and Herb Stuffed Pork Chops. The Pork Chops are then breaded and pan-fried. But that’s not all! It is then smothered in a Country Sausage Gravy and then served with charred green beans with bits of bacon and pecan nuts. Mouth watering!

The recipe calls for massive bone-in Pork Chops but first we need to make the Ricotta filling. We will be making use of whole milk Ricotta for this dish. Zesting a lemon is included in this meal prep as some fans were upset that it wasn’t included in last weeks meal prep.

Watch the video now to see this tasty dish comes together. You won’t be sorry!

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