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Does Soy Lower Testosterone!

“Does Soy Lower Testosterone?” is the question being asked in this informative video by PictureFit.

Supposedly you are less of a man if you eat regular Soy because it lowers your Testosterone. I can categorically state that it is not true and informed by bad science. The effect of the Soy is minuscule in comparison to your Testosterone levels. This is where it often falls short on the research.

Research that was done in Japan showed that consuming 1 and a half cup of Soy milk a day had no statistical effects. And the more research you dig into the more it becomes clear that the negative effects just isn’t there. It just doesn’t seem to have any significant effect on free or total Testosterone.

As with most foods though having too much Soy however can still cause a problem. To see a significant reduction of Testosterone you will have to drink 54 and a half cups of Soy Milk which is obviously crazy!

So it is clear that this specific rumor has now been squashed. If you are however still not sure or comfortable remember the golden rule of Moderation. This is not just for Soy but for any food type really.

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Another great video by PictureFit!

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