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6 Ingredient Meal Prep – Easiest Meal Prepping In History!

Easiest Meal Prepping Ever! Only 6 Ingredients.

The Easiest Meal Prepping you have ever seen with this 6 ingredient meal prep from FlavCity with Bobby Parrish
The dish on the menu today is Oven Roasted Greek Chicken bathed in Olive Oil, Lemon Juice and lots of Garlic! It is all cooked in the oven until it is golden brown in color. The side is a lemony Quinoa including Garlic and Spinach.

The Chicken pieces used in this meal prep are 5 Chicken Drumsticks and 5 Chicken Thighs, all with the bone and skin still on. Note that when you spice the Chicken on the one side to turn the pieces over and repeat the spicing. The Garlic that gets added to Olive oil is shavings rather than crushed. In terms of the lemons he uses both the zest of the lemon as well as the juice.

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”8NJReU-SH2Q”]

I hope you enjoyed that video.

“Motivated To LOSE Weight” is a video posting website by me, Neels Conradie. I post all the videos on health and weight loss I find on this website to keep focused and motivated while losing weight. I’m sure to achieve my weight loss goals and to live a healthy lifestyle.

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