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Get these great Tips on Building Muscle.

Tips on Building Muscle is the wisdom imparted by The Protein Chef in this video.

The Protein Chef gets asked how to gain muscle all the time. Most of the time his answer is simple because it is to Eat and Lift. If you want more he also has in addition 6 tips that he shares with us.

He is The Protein Chef so his first tip is about eating Protein! You need to eat enough Protein due to it being the building blocks of muscle. A simple formula used to calculate how much Protein is needed is to eat 0.7 to 1 gram of Protein for every pound of your body weight.

The type of exercises you need to do is what the second tip is all about. He recommends that you do Compound Exercises rather than Simple Exercises which incorporates more than one muscle at a time. Squats, dead lifts, pull ups and other workouts are all examples of Compound Exercises.

The third tip is very interesting and might even sound counter-intuitive. To give your muscles time to grow you need to get enough sleep and rest. During a workout you are actually tearing up your muscles therefore you need to make sure you give it enough time to repair itself.

Watch the video now to see what the 3 remaining tips are.

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Neels Conradie is my name and I am the creator of this website called “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. Videos about losing weight and most of all getting fit and healthy are uploaded here daily. Being healthy and fit and losing all my excess weight is what I aim for!

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