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Motivated to LOSE Weight


5 Science Backed Steps To Stay Motivated When Losing Weight

Check out this great video with 5 tips about how to stay motivated when losing weight.

If you struggle to stay motivated when losing weight then watch this great video from The Health Nerd!

It is always difficult to stay focused and motivated when trying to lose weight and it is great getting concrete steps to follow to help you stay motivated.

Most people start out really strong with their diets, but after a couple of days they are back to binge eating and undoing all the hard work. We all need a proven way to keep going and this video gives us just that! I like that these tips are backed by solid proven science. Make sure you apply these tips in your daily life. My approach to losing weight has definitely changed.

I hope you liked the video! Funny how one of the tips to stay motivated is watching videos like this one!

I’m Neels Conradie, the creator of “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. I’m on a mission to lose weight and live a healthy life! However, time and again, I find that even though I start strong, I soon lose the motivation to keep at it. And you know what happens next. I put back all the weight I have lost and more!

Having watched this video though (I actually watched it twice), I’m focused and ready to rock this lifestyle!

I found the concept of developing healthy habits and routines especially interesting. If living and eating healthy is a habit, just like for instance brushing your teeth, then making the right choices becomes second nature. You’ll be losing weight and feel great without having to think too hard about it.

I have already seen the difference in my approach to losing weight, and I hope you do too!



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