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5 Biggest Weight Loss Myths Debunked by Scientific Studies

The Biggest Weight Loss Myths Debunked!

Weight Loss Myths Debunked using proper Scientific Studies is the topic of this video by The Health Nerd.

There are many diet myths that do the rounds on the internet. And the problem is that often these myths are touted as Scientific fact and people will just believe it. It was after all on the internet so it must be true. Well, no.

Not only does these myths confuse beginners trying to lose weight but can actually be quite dangerous if followed blindly. But don’t worry, as always The Health Nerd is to the rescue with Scientifically Proven fact to expose these myths for what they really are. In this video he looks at the 5 biggest weight loss myths that are doing the rounds. The fifth one on the list is quite controversial so make sure you watch the whole video.

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As always The Health Nerd delivers with informative and fact based content!

My name is Neels Conradie and I made this site called “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. I post interesting videos as a result about being healthy, getting fit and losing weight on this website. It gives me the motivation to achieve my own weight loss goals!

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