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4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Here are 4 Possible Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight.

Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight is an important topic and what is being discussed in this video by PictureFit.

Once of the most demotivating issues when it comes to weight loss is that despite all your research and work you are not losing weight. According to PictureFit your weight however should not be the core focus in the big picture. He is of the opinion that what you look like in the mirror is a more accurate indication of success than weight. Weight loss is however still the target for most so it helps to identify why you might not be losing weight.

In this video 4 possible reasons why you might not be losing weight is unpacked. If any of the reasons mentioned might hold true for you it might be worthwhile to re-look at your diet and routine.

The first reason which is an interesting one is that you might only have lost water weight. This is where you see some rapid weight loss initially but then it slows and halts. There are 3 possible reasons for this. Firstly you have embarked on a low-carb diet. If you reduce your sodium intake you see a further reduction in water retention. Add exercises where you sweat a lot and you might see a big initial loss in water weight. It would be a good idea to look at your diet now and start counting calories.

Watch the video now to see what the 3 other reason might be.

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Wow. This was a bit of an eye opener for me.

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