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3 Ways To Cook The Juciest Chicken Thighs Ever – Bobby’s Kitchen Basics

I’ve got a kitchen basics you guys are gonna love, raise your hand if you want to learn to make the best, most juicy chicken thigh ever!? Well, I have 3 techniques that will teach you my favorite way to make juicy chicken thighs at home. These chicken thighs recipes are easy to make and full of flavor, and the first technique could be the best way to cook chicken thighs ever! I am so excited for you guys to try these recipes for how to cook chicken thighs. Our chicken breast video did so well last month that I really wanted to share with you these 3 ways to make chicken thighs, including how to bake them in the oven, cook them in a pan, and make boneless and skinless chicken thighs. The key to oven baked chicken is to cook it at 400 F for 50 minutes, and make sure to pay the chicken skin dry. The boneless and skinless chicken thigh has a tasty spice rub on it and is cooked in the pan until crusty. The pan seared and oven baked chicken thigh is my favorite technique, wait to you see how crispy the skin is and how juicy the meat is. Let us know what other kitchen basics videos you want to see. Mad Love…Bobby & Dessi XOXO

All 3 chicken thigh recipes:

How to cook the perfect chicken breast:

Alabama white BBQ chicken:

keto Moroccan chicken stew:

keto chicken salad:

curry chicken salad:

keto chicken lunch meal prep:

fried cauliflower rice & chicken:

All my healthy meal preps:

oven safe gloves:

oil splatter guard:

my cast iron pan:

my other cast iron pan:

large non-stick pan:

non-stick tongs:

oil dispenser:

my pepper mill:

spice canisters: or

wood cutting board:

the rest of my gear:

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