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3 Epic Recipes Using Veggies – Quick and Easy Recipes

Quick and Easy Recipes Using Veggies!

Recipes Using Veggies that is quick and easy to prepare is on the menu in this video from FlavCity with Bobby Parish.

Today Bobby is making 3 recipes starting with Breakfast and Lunch and most of all Dinner. What is really great is that he is making it all with fresh vegetables grown in his own garden. And these dishes are not only fresh and healthy but quick and easy to make!

So for the Breakfast meal Bobby is making a really yummy looking Breakfast Wrap. For Lunch we are looking a grilled Romaine Salad with charred corn and red peppers. This lovely meal is topped with a Tahini Dressing. Dinner consist of a red pepper and snap pea stir fry topped with crusty Shrimp. Now does that not sound absolutely amazing?

All of the veggies that he has grown was done using Nature’s Care Organic Potting Mix with Water Conserve and also Nature’s Care Natural All-Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food.

Watch the video now since Bobby prepares and cooks the 3 meals in record time!

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”dlkP2MVQ7dY”]

What an awesome video!

I am Neels Conradie and I built this website called “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. I post videos as a result about eating healthy, getting fit and losing weight on this website. It provides me with the motivation to reach my weight loss goals!

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