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17 Science-Backed Ways to Relieve Stress Right Now!

Ways to relieve stress backed by Science.

Ways to relieve stress in 17 science-backed ways is the topic in this video from The Health Nerd.

Everybody is feeling stressed these days because of work, school, you name it. Unfortunately stress is extremely damaging to a person’s health and well-being. Chronic stress has been associated with various conditions including heart attacks and stubborn body fat, to name two. That is why it is important to watch this video to see how to scientifically reduce stress.

First step is to eat something or chew gum. However, do not resort to comfort eating and piling on the calories. Sugar free gum is a good option to reduce stress without putting on weight.

Second step is doing some yoga. I haven’t done any yoga myself however it is something I’m considering to help me with my flexibility. The fact that it will help reduce stress is a bonus.

Third step is meditation which is something else I haven’t really done yet. I personally think you have to be in the right environment to really do it right. So make sure you create your own little quiet space at home for this activity. It does not even have to be full meditation. Do some deep breathing for a few minutes when you have the time. It will make a big difference.

To see the other 14 steps you can follow make sure you watch the whole video.

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I’m sure you enjoyed this video as much as I did!

This website “Motivated To LOSE Weight”, is all mine! I, Neels Conradie, post all the videos I find about health and weight loss here. It keeps me focused as well as motivated while I’m losing weight! I need all the inspiration I can get to achieve my weight loss goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

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