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15-minute Butter Chicken Meal Prep / Pollo a la Mantequilla en 15-Minutos

Watch this video for a rapid Butter Chicken meal prep.

Making a healthy Butter Chicken dish is quick and easy as shown in this great video from Fit Men Cook!

Today he shows how to make a tasty Butter Chicken in 15 minutes. He did remove a lot of steps from the original recipe, but it is still delicious! A few tips to reduce the calories. Use coconut milk rather than coconut cream. Also, to make it a little more Keto friendly, replace the tomatoes with a no salt tomato base.

For this specific recipe Fit Men Cook uses chicken breast chunks. I do think this is the best meat to use for a dish like this. It also has a lot less fat than the rest of the chicken, not to mention it being the easiest part to work with.

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”f7gvvjHylDU”]

I hope you enjoyed the video! I most definitely did.

Hi, I’m Neels Conradie and I created this site, “Motivated To LOSE Weight”. It helps me stay focused and motivated in my journey to lose weight! In the past, even though I always started strong, I often lost the motivation to keep going.

Knowing that I can still eat tasty food and not feel too guilty, really keeps me motivated! It is good to know that you don’t have to resort to salad only to reduce the amount of fat in your meal.

This Indian inspired Butter Chicken recipe show once again just how easy it is to make tasty without without compromising on taste. There is also nothing boring about this dish!

And let’s be honest. In today’s busy age, being able to prepare tasty food without spending hours is a big win in anybody’s book.

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