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100 Calories in these 8 Fruits?

100 Calories that you can find in 8 fruits is the topic of discussion in this video by The Protein Chef today.

Even if you are not the most healthy eater you probably still love fruit. It is also really easy to over eat so The Protein Chef is sharing his 8 favorite fruits that are only 100 calories with us.

First of all we have green grapes rather than the red ones with a weight of 145 grams. Lovely fresh strawberries takes the second spot and you can have 311 grams of this fruit. That is surprising as it is more than double the amount of green grapes. I really thought strawberries would be more calorie rich.

In third place we have another berry namely blueberries. I must be honest that I’m not really a berry fan. You can have 175 grams of blueberries to make up your 100 calories mark.

Watch the video now to see what the other 5 fruit are and how much you can have of each.

[dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”UBD-C_sOpMM”]

Did you like the video?

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