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10 Tips For How To Meal Prep Like A Boss!

I noticed there is lots of lame advice out there for how to meal prep, so I figured I would make a video with 10 REAL tips for how to meal prep for the week like a boss! These meal prep tips are perfect for beginners at meal prep, or even the most savvy iron chefs out there. My favorite part is the essential kitchen tools that all meal prep cooks need to have. I have tons of meal prep recipes linked down below that I referenced in the video, so make sure to check them out. These are 10 meal prep tips that will really hook you up, not lame ideas like “don’t stress out!” Let me know what other videos you want to see, and mad love from Dessi & I! XOXO #KeepOnCooking

5 meal prep recipes using same 10 ingredients:

Kitchen Gear:
my Amazon store:
American cast iron pan:
French cast iron pan:
large non-stick pan:
plastic cutting board:
wood cutting board:
expensive, but so nice, chef’s knife:
inexpensive chef’s knife:
microplane zester:
glass meal prep containers:
lime & lemon juicer:
spice canisters:
single tray:
oil splatter guard:
digital probe thermometer:
hot logic mini:

Keto cauliflower tots:
Dessi’s keto biscotti:
Quinoa power muffins:
Buffalo cauliflower bites:

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