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10 Healthy Pantry Items To Buy At Trader Joe’s…And What To Avoid (And They Kicked Me Out!!)

Time for my second ever healthy grocery haul..this time we headed to Trader Joe’s to show you guys 10 of my favorite healthy items to buy..and what to avoid. We got through most of the video until the manager asked us to leave, but luckily there was another Trader Joe’s 10 minutes away! I love Trader Joe’s, they have lots of healthy grocery items that make this haul fantastic, and some of the prices can’t be beat. But, they also have items that you may think are healthy, but they really are not, and sometimes the prices at trader joe’s are not nearly the best. This trader joe’s haul contains a number of shelf stable pantry items you should have on hand at all times, and some stuff to keep in the freezer, like the unsweetened acai packets. What haul should I do next?? Much Love..Bobby, Dessi, & Art XOXO

Keto fat bread:

Keto bagels:

Low carb keto gnocchi:

Homemade ghee:

Almond flour keto biscuits:

Almond flour pita bread;

Almond flour keto crackers:

Homemade marinara sauce & meatballs:

Cauliflower fried rice & chicken:

Keto cauliflower rice burrito bowl:

Keto golden cauliflower rice & chicken stew:

Cauliflower rice pilaf with turkey meatloaf:


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