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10 Healthy Pantry Items To Buy At Costco…And What To Avoid!

I finally did it..I went to Costco to do a haul video and show you guys some of my favorite healthy food items, and more importantly, what foods to stay away from. These healthy items from Costco are my go, plus they will last a long time in your pantry before they spoil, so don’t worry about that. All of these healthy items from Costco can be used in my meal prep recipes, check the links below for the recipes I mentioned in the video. If you take anything away from this video, it;s that you can stock up on food items that are a great value and that will make your meal prep life easier. Please try and avoid the food items at Costco mentioned in the video, especially the rotisserie chicken, it’s just not good for you! If you wanna see more haul videos, just leave a comment below. Much love & keep on cooking! XOXO Bobby & Dessi

More Costco haul info:

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