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10 Healthy Items At Whole Foods That Won’t Break The Bank..And What To Avoid!

Healthy grocery hauls are back, this time we went to whole foods to help break the myth that it’s whole paycheck! There are a ton of really expensive items at whole foods, but if you know where to look, you can find some really healthy grocery items at fantastic price. Hint, the whole foods 365 brand is your best friend. You can routinely find grocery items at whole foods that are the same price as trader joe’s, sometimes better! Whole foods really cares about the health and quality of these grocery items, so you can really reap the rewards if you know how to shop there. The bulk section is one of my favs, and I love the whole foods brand organic chicken, so yummy. So I hope you enjoy my healthy grocery haul from whole foods,please let me know where I should go next! Mad Love, Bobby, Dessi, & Art!

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Salmon cakes, glazed salmon, & crispy salmon:

Immune boosting tea:

keto tilapia:


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