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10 Healthy Grocery Items To Buy At Walmart Supercenter…And What To Avoid!

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10 Healthy Grocery Items To Buy At Walmart Supercenter…And What To Avoid!

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The healthy Walmart grocery haul video is here! I traveled just outside of Chicago to check out a Walmart supercenter and pick out about 10 healthy grocery items that you should definitely buy, and a few to stay away from. There are so many healthy grocery items that I was blown away by at Walmart, and the prices are about as good as they get. I was really impressed by the grass-fed beef and bison at Walmart, along with the healthy coking oils and baking items. I was a bit disappointed at the bacon, none of it was sugar free cured, or organic pasture raised. There are lots of Walmart shopping tips in this video, so hopefully you guys love it and share it! Where to next!? Much Love..Bobby, Dessi, & Art XOXO

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7 cooking oils to use & avoid:

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GF & GF chocolate orange cake:

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